Natural Color Birthstone Pendant Crystal Quartz Necklace



Who doesn't want to represent their true identity???

Wearing this unique crystal gem design necklace with your birthstone will make you more charming and sexy when you take part in any social activity. Just wear your sparkling jeweled necklace at a wedding, your favorite social gathering or simply shopping at the grocery store.  You will surely get tons of compliments on it. 

It would make a wonderful birthday surprise gift or a perfect Christmas gift for your favorite girl or just think how pleased your Mother would be to wear this awesome gift from you!

This trendy, fashion, water drop pendant necklace is supported by a 45+5cm sterling colored chain.  It comes in 12 beautiful colors, each representing your very own birthstone.

January - Garnet (Blood Red)     /Protection/

February - Amethyst (Purple)     /Wisdom/

March - Aquamarine (Aqua)      /Serenity/

April - Quartz (Diamond)       /Strength/

June - Alexandrite (Greenish Blue)     /Love/

July - Ruby (Light Red)       /Vitality/

August - Peridot (Lime Green)     /Beauty/

September - Sapphire (Ocean Blue)     /Truth/

October - Tourmaline (Deep Pink)     /Healing/

November - Citrine (Sunshine Yellow)     /Joy/

December - Turquoise (Green Blue)     /Friendship/